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Tamales - Tex Mex Tamales
Seattle, WA


9oz (roughly double the size of a corn husk-wrapped tamal) in butcher paper, lightly smoked, the Milpa Masa is steamy on the inside with crispy edges on the outside, unlike a normal corn husk steamed tamale. Comes with 2oz of bbq sauce (Texas Red or Savory Mustahd).

Preorders are vacuum-sealed and chilled for easy reheat. When available, the BBQ mobile service cart serves limited quantities of hot tamales.

9oz $10Brisket red chili +$6.50Pork green chili +$6Turkey green chili +$6
By the dozen:Brisket Tamales by the dozen +$72Pulled Pork Tamales by the dozen +$66Turkey Tamales by the dozen +$66
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