Collaboration: A way to Accelerate your "A" Game

Heads up Backyard Pitmasters: Saturday Night BBQ classes in West Seattle. A Chance to Learn and Grow with NWTXBBQ

Use our 1,000 gallon Moberg smoker.

Small group collaboration including "experts", food x2, and other enthusiasts who "get it"

Learn how to differentiate between the types of American barbecue cuisine (Texas, Memphis, Kansas City, Carolina and Southern). See examples of currently operating restaurants in each genre. Learn how to smoke authentic Texas BBQ. Discuss fire management for a clean mesquite fire in a 1,000 gallon offset smoker pit. Trim pork ribs and beef brisket and preseason the meats using dry rub. Enjoy previously- prepared dishes at beginning and end of Camp, while learning how to slice brisket and ribs at the end of the three hour class (since the BBQ takes >14 hours to prepare and the class lasts 3 hours).