Collaboration: A way to Accelerate your "A" Game

Heads up Backyard Pitmasters: A Chance to Learn and Grow with NWTXBBQ

Use our 1,000 gallon Moberg smoker, or one of several Webers on site

Small group collaboration including "experts", food, sleep, and other enthusiasts who "get it"

Many of us are being challenged to smoke large portions for our households and may not have a easy path to do so. Or, you just want to learn Texas BBQ yourself. Or, someone may want you to learn or grow in this area for their own selfish reasons! :) Well, we will gladly walk with you on that journey. In fact, we are looking for assistant pitmasters for weekly service.

Enter the Northwest Texas BBQ Camp, with seats available now for 4 (four) dedicated enthusiasts, starting each Saturday night (tentative) and continuing each week in December 2020 (subject to the current restrictions on non-household gatherings).

Here's what this includes:

1) Tasting menu / shared meal to start our evening Saturday, and start our morning Sunday.

2) Bring your own brisket or pork butt, or use one of ours at cost, and 12-hour smoke it yourself in a collaborative spirit with the other attendees, on NWTXBBQ equipment. Take it home on Sunday and impress your family and socially-distanced friends, neighbors, countrymen.

3) Benefit from insights gleaned by the faculty and attendees, school of hard knocks wise. "See One, Do One, Teach One" is our motto.

4) Sit around the fire with an adult beverage (BYO) for formal and informal hands-on instruction and discussion with the "experts" aka certified BBQ Freaks. Learn the oath of the Texas BBQ Freak. Perhaps also commit to an almost sleepless life of beef and mesquite on your clothes, hair, hands, etc.

5) If you want, walk across the street to a (discounted) warm cozy, and private bed, and hot shower, at The Grove West Seattle when you are not at the fire. Wake up with the smell of your BBQ wafting through the air and walk back across the street to eat a hot camp breakfast while you finish the smoke and talk story with people who are just as dedicated as you are.

Yes, there will be powerpoints and handouts, but the only test is at the end, when you taste that 200 year old flavor of mesquite smoked beef, and know that's the way it always was, and why, and can imagine yourself on the Chisolm Trail, and just know it all fits.

email or text 206-929-0004 for cost, itinerary and RSVP.